Dive deep into the world of your customers


This online program is for everyone, be it individuals or teams who are toying with a start up idea, launching a prototype or writing a business plan to raise funds, so…

  • Want to launch a business but need confidence to take the plunge?
  • Already online but not sure why your startup has stalled?
  • Wondering if your team will sink or swim when the going gets tough?

JFDI Discovery is a 21-day online course that will teach you how to apply and get results from the powerful startup tools including Lean Canvas, Pirate Metrics and OKR (Objectives & Key Results). There is no need to give up shares in your business. No need to quit your day job.

JFDI Discovery offers a quick and painless Guided Exercise in quantitatively and qualitatively answering the questions that angel investors, accelerators, and even government agencies ask:

  • Who is the customer?
  • What is their pain point?
  • How are they currently coping?
  • How badly do they need a solution?

JFDI Discovery is like signing up at a gym. Each week our Lean Startup Coaches Adrian Tan and Chi-Kai Huang share a plan of weekly workouts to help you shape up your startup. As soon as the assignment is complete, you can schedule private weekly “Office Hours” to talk things through with them on Skype. Any time you feel stuck, you can post questions, or share your experience and insights with others going through the program. It’s a great way to meet people who share the same interests and, if the evidence starts telling you your business is going to be tough to execute, you’re in touch with others looking to team up to try a new direction.

JFDI Discovery will help you find out if you really want to be an entrepreneur. It will reveal if your team is aligned to deliver results. And it will show you how to solve a real problem for customers who are willing to pay thus moving closer to a “problem-solution fit”.

Teams who demonstrate diligence and discipline, development capability, and commercial sensibility during the 3 week discovery program will be considered for the next JFDI Accelerate program.

What our participants are saying.


“I would like to thank you for your help and for all the useful material you shared with us during the past 3 weeks. I  read everything you suggested and learnt a lot in 3 weeks. I also enjoyed discovery interviews very much as it gave me a reason to chat with my blog’s readers and discover the real people who are usually hiding behind comments. I now feel closer to them and am thinking to start 30-min “family travel consulting sessions” through Skype with some of them (just like sohelpful.me). It was also interesting to see how other teams were progressing.”
- Emilie Lancelot-Journo, JFDI Discovery June 2014



“Thanks a lot for the time invested in our projects. This discovery program helped us in several ways and we are glad we coud be a part of it. The methodology was interesting and we will definitely use it again in new ventures.”
- Maxime Cornelli, JFDI Discovery June 2014




JFDI Discovery is limited to 100 teams each month